Industrial Doors

Industrial Doors Cyprus are offered at Alpaco Doors and  Automations Ltd. Designed to meet the full range of industrial  applications they include Rolling Shutter Doors, Sectional Doors,  Industrial Folding Doors, and Fast Action Doors.

We supply the very best products for industrial door  ranges. From our high speed, instant seal, soft safety edge Fast Action  Doors to our complete range of Industrial Rolling Shutter Doors, our  ability to deliver first time to our customers’ design brief and  operational considerations ensures excellence in all industries. 

Alpaco Doors and Automations Ltd have through the  years built a solid reputation within the industrial Door Sector with  its intense product knowledge. The doors are of highest quality but  within the budgets allowed together with long lasting installations and  low maintenance cost. 

Industrial Rolling Shutter Doors are offered in wide range of durable models such as insulated, non-insulated and see-through to suit all application  and demands. Industrial Sectional Doors can be personalized to your  activity and environment with all types of lift required and equipped  with windows, pass door, etc. The Industrial Folding Door offers the highest level of insulation could be archived, can take very large sizes and requires minimal headroom. 

Speed Doors are designed for industrial needs, it is the ideal solution for fast  and continuous passage of persons and vehicles. This type of door  insulates considerably the heat or the cold, contributes in the  sound-proofing between two regions and occupies little space thanks to  it’s vertical movement. It can installed in exterior spaces thanks to  it’s great resistance in possible winds. It is the perfect solution for  factories, deposits, hospitals, commercial centers, chains of  distribution and for any other circumstance where exists need for  separate departments. 

Alpaco Doors and Automations Ltd industrial doors are  designed to suit your specific requirements and built to perfectly fit  your premises. With years design and build experience we have the  capability through our special projects team to create bespoke solutions  to client needs.


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