The Founder

Alpaco Trading Ltd. was founded in 1983.

Its founder, Mr. Andreas Loizou, was born and raised in Katokopia village in a poor family.

He then moved to Morfou City(very near Katokopia) where he got married to Mrs. Maroulla Loizou.

Being always hard working, he managed to establish there his own company for manufacturing, supplying and installing well water pumping systems, employing as many as 12 employees in his workshop.

As his business was doing well, Mr. Andreas Loizou proceeded to build his own large private villa and also his own and for that time state of the art workshop that was finished by the end of 1973.

The Turkish military invasion of Cyprusin July 1974, resulted in Mr. Andreas Loizou losing everything he had worked for and in him becoming a refugee in his own country. Consequently, he had to move his family and settle down in the capital of Cyprus,Nicosia.

There he had to rebuild his life from scratch again.

In a very short space of time, he managed to establish a confectionery at Niki’s Avenue in Nicosia and with that he was able to fulfill the immediate needs of his family.

As the political situation was quite unstable at that time and without any guarantees that the fragile peace would last, Mr. Loizou took a hard decision to immigrate abroad, feeling that such a move would offer his family safety.

In 1975 he emigrated with his family to Stockholm, Sweden and there for the third time in his life he had to begin again from scratch.

And in almost no time, in a completely to him unfamiliar environment, he managed to create in various places in Stockholm, three (3!) outlets selling fast food and homemade ice-cream.

He stayed in Sweden for 8 years and from the income he had from his business, he managed to build his own house in Nicosia on a small plot of land that he had bought.

He then sold the business in Sweden and moved back to Cyprus in 1983.

That same year 1983 in the small basement of his own house, he established the company Alpaco Trading Ltd and for the fourth time in his life started from scratch and succeeded.

With the proper management and with the help of his children, Alpaco Trading Ltd did well and was transformed into two large companies called Alpaco Doors & Automations Ltd and Alpaco Domica Ltd, which today are considered the leading companies of their kind in Cyprus, housed in modern, self-owned facilities.